LI Tao

Li Tao

LI Tao is a composer and pianist from China. Chinese traditional culture profoundly influences her music. She uses ancient Chinese ideology combined with contemporary Western techniques to create her own distinct musical language. Tao's music has been performed by ensembles such as Fifth House, Implosion Percussion and at music festivals throughout Asia, Europe and U.S.A such as WOCMAT 2015/17 Taiwan, the New Music on the Bayou 2016/17/18 (LA), Kyiv Contemporary Music Days 2016 (UKR), MUSICACOUSTICA-Beijing, 2017 (CHN), Hot Air New Music festival 2018 (SF), National Student Electronic Music Event, 2018 (TX), SEAMUS 2018 National Conference (OR), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2018 (NY) and The International Computer Music Conference, 2018 (KR). She maintains a deep interest in the inner connections between composer, performer and instrument. As an interdisciplinary performer, Tao is actively performing both classical and contemporary music in concerts and music festivals as pianist, percussionist, and conductor.